Business Packages

Let's do business!

Be a reseller or Create your own brand. Either is okay!

We will provide you with the supplies you need.

We will assist you with proper pricing.

We will create your logo.

We will print labels.

We will deliver the items to your customers.

So you can focus with just selling!

Dropshippers are welcomed!


for as low as P4,000

(Lifetime Membership plus consumables)


Three 200grams ground coffee

Five (150grams) ground coffee

Five (50grams) ground coffee

Ten drip coffee sachets

Basic Logo Creation

Sticker Labels (Your Brand)

Up to 25% discount for coffee products reorders


for as low as P5,000

(Lifetime Membership plus consumables)


Two X-Small shirts

Two Small shirts

Two Medium shirts

Two Large shirts

Two X-Large shirts

Free Shirt Mockups

Up to 25% discount for shirts reorders

You may increase your markup!

Other items we can source out for you from our partner suppliers and distributors:

Office and School Supplies

Computer Accesories

Headphones & Sound System

Phones and Communication Gadgets